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Jason Hoang Mortgage Agent Level 1

Jason Hoang

Mortgage Agent Level 1

Lic. #M20000033

Markets Served:
Southern Ontario

150 Isabella Street, Suite 110
Ottawa, ON K1S 1V7

Office: 613-867-9716
Fax: 613-736-1765

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Since the beginning of my career in 2012, I have been providing sensible banking advice which always put the customers' needs as a top priority. I always bring a confident and positive energy towards finding a solution that works best for the client rather than applying a one-size-fits all model.

Growing up in Ottawa, I realized and appreciated how culturally rich and diverse the people were. So, in 2014 when I began to specialize in Real Estate Secured Lending, I upheld the principles that my client's financial goals are as diverse and unique as they are! With a keen attention to detail, I always strive to stay on top of all changes in lending guidelines, rates and terms in order to provide the most current, accurate and impactful financial advice. Because financial solutions can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing, I always ensure that I communicate any and all goals with the client as succinctly as possible so that they may rest assured that all of their financial concerns are addressed.

I want you as the client to have it easy and to leave the heavy lifting to me! I am constantly striving to ensure that your present and future needs are met with a transparent and friendly approach.

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